Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday 2nd April | Ice Painting idea

Kia ora, family and whānau!

We hope you are remaining safe (and sane) over the break. In the past we have done a number of ice related activities that your children have loved to explore and investigate through the sensations of touch, taste and even smell.

One way you can continue this is through ice painting. This activity is easy to set up, just freeze some water in a sistema or lunch container over night and grab any kind of paint. Clean up is also no big deal, especially if your child is working on their trajectory schema!

How have you and your tamariki been spending this time? Feel free to send us your pictures and stories to

Thank you, be safe and take care,

Charity, Kelly, Kerryn and Zoe!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday 1st April play ideas

Kia ora families/whanau,

One of our focus areas this month is problem solving and thought that our tamariki will enjoy these spider web discovery learning experiences.  Some of our tamariki will find these familiar as we had tried these last year with them.

Spider Web Discovery basket

Spider Web Obstacle course



If you get a chance to try these learning experiences, please feel free to take pictures and post on our blog. 

Take care and be safe.


Charity, Kelly, Kerryn and Zoe.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday 31st March Play Ideas

Kia Ora families/whanau

Our tamariki love play dough so here is a couple of different play dough ideas if you are interested in trying . No cook Playdough with cream of tartar
Or if you don’t have cream of tartar here’s an alternative
Homemade play dough 
Also we have been revisiting balloon play with our children recently , Ruby has been making balloon animals with mum and dad at home so here are a couple of ideas Balloons and fly swats . If you don’t have fly swats , save your paper towel cardboard tubing and they can hit balloons with these. Another to hit or catch hanging balloons

Song/stories ideas : Sharon Holt has wonderful online versions on you tube of her Te Reo Sing a long books and even has ones with NZ sign added in . Our children are familiar with a number of these books
Here is link to one Kei te peke ahau ( I am jumping/I can jump) Sharon Holt Te Reo Sing along

Hei āpōpō ( See you tomorrow)

Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday 30th March daily fun activities

Kia ora Families/Whanau

We hope you are all keeping well, staying safe and taking this time to enjoy some quality time with loved ones . Following on from Jes’s email this morning  The WestGlade teachers will be keeping busy blogging some fun ideas and activities each day on the daily blog that you can do with your children during your time at home, we welcome you to keep on sending in all your special photos through.

We are missing all of our families so much and cannot wait to see you all in the near future
Regards The WestGlade teachers

Here are some ideas for your Monday, enjoy

Sensory play transferring rice or water using plastic cups and bowls 

 Fun washing toys activity

 magnets on baking trays 

Scooping toys from water using serving spoon